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(See service calendar (homepage) for a list of updated services/times)

  • Fed 21: Presanctified Liturgy 9am
  • Feb 22: Great Compline and Great Canon IV 7-8:30pm
  • Feb 23: Presanctified Liturgy 9am; Salutation to the Theotokos 7pm
  • Feb 24: Matins & Divine Liturgy - 1st and 2nd Finding of the Head of the Forerunner Matins & Divine Liturgy 8:15am; Vespers 7pm
  • Feb 25: Matins & Divine Liturgy - Sunday of Orthodoxy *Bring your Icons!* 8:30am; Vespers at St. Matrona Dania Beach 5pm
  • Feb 26: Great Compline 7pm
  • Feb 27: Great Compline 7pm
  • Feb 28: Presanctified Liturgy 9am; Great Compline 7pm
  • March 1: Holy Water Blessing (Agiasmos)
  • March 2: Salutation to the Theotokos 7pm

...Many more events planned! Be sure to check back often!



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